My Website Won’t Let Me Add New Pages

Content marketing is the way to go.. but not just words, good words, catching words and words that inform. If you're not giving the reader something to learn or be interested in, you're losing them and then no one finds value in your content including the search engines. But what if you can't blog on your site or add pages? It can be very difficult to build out a site. This seems to be the case with a lot of real estate websites. Real estate agents seems stuck with a site because it offers … [Read more...]

SEO Marketing on a Daily Basis

A couple reciprocal links, maybe a few blog followers and some intentional page titles and boom! You're on the first page of Google... yeah, like 10 years ago. Today it's harder than ever. If you didn't start 10 years ago you have a lot of catching up to do, but it's not impossible. Simple maintenance is easy when you get the ball rolling. A blog or two a week, market reports and social media postings every so often keeps the balls in the air and the leads coming in at a steady pace but thats … [Read more...]

Is Your Website Competing or Just an Online Calling Card?

Real estate SEO is getting so difficult and while it's not impossible, it is harder and harder to compete with the big, national companies. For many searches real estate related, the entire first page of most search engines is covered by Trulia, Zillow,,, or national brokerage sites. There may only be one or two spots, if that, at the bottom for little ol' Miss Realtor in podunk town. So how in the world can individual real estate agents compete with these sites that spend … [Read more...]

News Articles and Market Reports – Duplicates and SEO No No’s

Do you post news articles on your blog from major news sources and site the source? Do you do it more than you write original content? How about market reports? Do you copy and paste the same template and then change just the community, town and prices? Bad. Now, it's ok to once in a while repost some great content if you feel it helps your readers and as long as you link back to the source of the article but if you do that more than you write your own original content you are diluting your … [Read more...]

Google’s Panda 4.0 Update Targets More Low Quality Content

The Panda 4.0 is a major update versus just a refreshing of the current algorithm. Pandas identify sites that have low quality content such as thin or duplicate content. Currently tracking down low quality sites and knocking them down a few pages and boosting high quality content up the search engine ranks. This could be determined by word count and share-ability. Google cares about user experience overall so if you are providing your user or your reader with an excellent experience with high … [Read more...]

Google Wants to See You Everywhere… Well, everywhere that matters

Google Wants to See You Everywhere… Well, everywhere that matters 10 years ago it was easy to get ranked because not that many people were doing it. Search engine optimization was a new technique that not many knew about and those that were, were finding shortcuts, loopholes, and ways to scam the system. Those that were really trying and did up getting pushed to the back of the line while people that were breaking the rules were soaring to the first page. Google has been trying to filter out … [Read more...]

The Basics of Today’s SEO

SEO changes all the time and Google is constantly making updates and new strategies on how they rank sites. The last big shift was towards branding and Google has been promoting those websites that have significant branding which is why sites like Trulia and Zillow (which as a name have nothing to do with real estate) are dominating the top of the search engines. So how can we compete as individual real estate agents in our area? Today’s basics of SEO come down to informative and unique … [Read more...]

Are you selling yourself or providing information?

Are you selling yourself or providing information? When I started blogging for my business about five years ago I did it for a variety of reasons, none of which was to gain business. Surprised? I’ve always said to people that anyone can do their own SEO as long as they take the time to research what works and stay consistent with it but, it is time-consuming and tedious. The information I provided was something that anyone could do but usually those that are doing their own SEO are doing it for … [Read more...]

Are Short Sales and Foreclosure Going Away?

Are Short Sales and Foreclosure Going Away? Over the last 2-3 years we’ve seen short sales and foreclosures on the rise but now there really starting to diminish. Because I write for a lot of different real estate places all over the country I’m looking at the market reports and seeing the foreclosure list slowly going down. Over the last year and a half I saw a lot of short sales take over how many foreclosures were on the market because I believe more owners were researching their options and … [Read more...]

Is it better to blog on your website or off-site and direct links back?

Is it better to blog on your website or off-site and direct links back? Google has certainly given us a run for our money over the last few years as SEO professionals scramble to keep up with the latest algorithm shifts and changes. First it was link building then its quality link building then it’s content link building then its content marketing then it’s content blogging etc. etc. etc.… It goes on and on and we are constantly trying to figure out what’s best for our clients and still stay … [Read more...]