Personal SEO provides coaching and training no matter what stage of the SEO process you are in. We provide one on one communication for your SEO and online optimization needs. We can organize a game plan for your online business solution and provide on-going assistance when needed.

Personal SEO's Real Estate SEO coaching program consists on 3 services, all of which are design to provide you an interactive learning experience across all different types of learning styles; seeing, reading, listing and doing.  Not only do we provide you with the knowledge on how to perform SEO procedures on your current website, but also customize your learning experience to what you really need to do to increase your rankings through one on one training times.

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Please let us know your budget and your needs and we will create a plan that fits your goals. We want to partner with you and your team to create a solid SEO foundation for your business.


Tim and Tammy Emineth

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Personal SEO provides SEO training, SEO coaching, SEO  teaching, online teaching and website teaching for your online business needs.