Social Media - It's all the craze and if you don't get in on it, one of your competitors will and you will be left behind. You may already be left behind in many other ways with back links, blogging sites and more. Don't let them get anymore ahead of you.

You may not be able to compete with back links from someone that has been blogging and collecting them for 5+ years but you may be able to jump ahead with social media.

No longer do you hear commercials quote their websites at the end but their facebook page. Why is this? Because they know, if you "like" their page,  your friends will see it, then their friends will see it and it will start a huge, global connection of people all following the same thing. You can advertise right in their face (on their home page) you can send emails out to the members and tell them all something at once. If you are on twitter, you can jot down a thought and all your followers will see it and may respond to you.

The same advertising antic has not changed over the years - see something 21 times, remember it - It still applies and even more so when it comes to twitter, facebook, linkedin and all the social media sites.

So how do you jump in and compete? You can't sit idly by and let your competition have all glory yet you can't bombard people with your product 20 times a day (they will unlike you or simply "hide" your posts which you don't want).

You need to start by creating a business page for your industry UNDER your personal account. You must have a personal account before you can create a business page. This is easy to do and if you have trouble just search for create a page and boom, there it is. Follow the steps and title your page exactly what your business is - i.e. Portland homes on the market, or whatever it may be.

You must find that balance; give your audience something to grasp and carry with them. Does that mean showcase every listing? Maybe, maybe not. Does it mean give your local followers something concrete to read such as local festivals, concerts, farmers markets, events and neighborhood activities? YES!

People want to know they follow you for a reason. It may be hard if you are a real estate professional to give deals but again, if you offer something like, if you follow me and mention this you may be entitled to 1% off a listing contract or  1% back at closing. Something people remember and give them a reason to follow and like you.

Google just installed it's +1 feature and it's fairly easy to add onto WP sites and will soon be everywhere. But you still want the actual public to know who you are and how to get a hold of you when they need your product or service.

We provide our clients with social media options but also know that social media is a personal thing. I can't teach you how to be personal. I can't be personal FOR you. It has to come from you. BUT - We can set you up to be optimized correctly and well on your way to getting started in the social media world.

We offer custom facebook landing pages for those that first come in contact with your facebook page. This landing page will offer the viewer the chance to "like" the page, search for property, contact you or go to any of your other online presences such as Twitter, blogs, websites, etc...

This custom facebook landing page is just $75 and we will teach you the skills to keeping your facebook up to date and well followed. But again, it's up to YOU to be the personal aspect of your social media. We are not YOU! Only you can be the best you!!

Get Found, Get Business, Get Personal SEO ~

We want to offer you a full list of options to choose from when designing, organizing, optimizing or writing for your site or blog. Whether you need just a little SEO Training, full website design, existing SEO marketing or any social media set ups Personal SEO would like to help be your business solutions provider. Feel free to email us for references and examples on content writing. [email protected] 425-344-0677