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Seeking out those long-tail keywords to rise about the real estate giants dominating the search engines.


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Real content from real writers to real people. Connecting the content on your site to what they want to read.


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Setting up your website correct from the beginning for Google and users to easily find.


Key Promotions

No website functions in a bubble. We get it out there with targeted social media and content sharing strategies.

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As a former real estate agent myself, I know the business, the transactions and can write intelligently about the process and all aspects of real estate.  – Tammy

Because I was the IT Director of a 400+ person real estate brokerage in the Seattle area for 10 years, I can navigate the behind the scenes details of real estate websites, IDX (Property Search) features and all the nuances a good real estate website should have.  – Tim


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Latest News and SEO Tips

Home Loan Experts in California

Mortgage information for the State of California I write a lot of information about real estate and the mortgage industry especially in California. I have several California real estate agents, businesses, and industries that are right for and one in particular is one...

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Five (REAL) Keys to Buying a House

Five Keys to buying a house We’ve probably already heard all the keys, secrets, steps, and tips to buying a house, getting a mortgage on a house, what to look for etc. But do any of us actually put that into practice? Now days, buyers want the facts, they want them...

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Outdated Real Estate SEO Practices You Need to Stop Using

And yet, I still see these everywhere! Every day I look at someone's website because they've either called for business or someone wants me to review their website. More often than not I find hundreds of mistakes and bad or outdated SEO practices. I understand why;...

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My Website Won’t Let Me Add New Pages

Content marketing is the way to go.. but not just words, good words, catching words and words that inform. If you're not giving the reader something to learn or be interested in, you're losing them and then no one finds value in your content including the search...

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