SEO Your Blog Comments

Can you use your keywords and phrases when commenting on blogs? If you're like me, you get lots of spam on your Wordpress, blogger or other types of blogs. Many times even those re-captcha plug-ins don't help but there are some that allow for firewall protection and such but what if you really want to leave a geniune comment? Is that done anymore? Sure, but many times the comment must be approved before it can be live. In that case if you want to be heard you have to be geniune. Don't run … [Read more...]

Free Vs. Paid WordPress Site

It's clear that WordPress is a great way to get your blogs and pages indexed quickly and properly. Most people also know that WordPress can be free. But are you sacrificing quality when settling for a free WordPress site? When you set up a WordPress site you typically are given a web address similar to: For starters, you cannot benefit from many of the features that WordPress offers such as permalinks. Permalinks means you can re-write your URL (link) … [Read more...]