If you have a business, chances are you have a Google business page, even if you didn’t set it up. Google will find your business elsewhere, either on Yelp, Facebook, or other places, or even your website and they will create a page for you, often without you knowing it. If you don’t know if you have a business page, just Google your business. You may have to try a few times and a few keywords before you show up but when you do, you’ll know how Google sees your business.

A Google business page will show up like this on the search engine results page (SERPS)

Google Business Page

There will be your business name, map (if there’s an address associated with your business), images, hours, website, phone, etc… If you have not claimed the page, it will ask you to claim it and walk you through some verification steps.

If you have no business page – Get one! Sign up for Google My Business here If you haven’t signed up, do so and walk through all the sign-up rigamarole and then you’ll need to verify your business so Google knows you’re legit. You can do this through email, text, or good ‘ol snail mail with a postcard. Once your business is verified, then you can have some real fun with it!

So what’s the point? Why have a Google business page?

Because this is more than just a listing in a phone book, so to speak. This is a place where all your most valuable information can go. Let’s break down the listing.

Title: Your title should say exactly who you are and what you do. If you’re into real estate, it should say your name or company name with either Realty, Real Estate, or Realtor® (if you can use the Realtor name) This will help Google and others identify you.

Basic Information: Like address, phone, hours, etc.. Make sure these are all accurate and make sure your website is listed here too. There is also a spot to put in an “appointment” link – use your contact link page or something similar. Utilize all the information you can.

Reviews: Here is where it really gets good. How often do you check the reviews on Google? Do you know others are looking for yours? Do you have any? If not, it’s time to get some. Ask your clients if they wouldn’t mind leaving you a positive review on Google. You can send them a link in a follow-up email or text it to them. Make it as easy as possible for someone to leave you a review. If it’s too difficult, they’ll click away and say, forget it. Collect those reviews like gold! The more positive ones you have the better and those 5 little, shiny, gold stars will make you look legit!

Posts: This is somewhat new and I don’t think people utilize this as much as they should. You can add a post or advertisement to your page and have it show directly on the Page listing on the SERPS. This is pretty cool! You can Create a Post, and often this can be a post from your website or blog or you can create a completely different one that’s just for your business page. It could be a great catchy title that will get people to click on it and read more then lead them over your website with a “more” type button. This can be Book, Order Online, Buy, Learn More, Sign Up, Get Offer, or Call Now. You can add a picture in and then when someone finds you on the SERPS they will see your posts.

I know this works because a couple of our clients have actually gotten leads from these posts. They see these posts on the Google search page first before even going to the website. They get all the information they need right here. And it doesn’t matter where your leads are coming from as long as they are getting to you!

Why all this matters:

Because mobile is practically the reigning king now and this works very well on mobile as well as desktop. Remember, most people use Google as their phone book and when you have everything right there to click to call or make an apt. the better chance you have of getting a lead.

SO take some time and really perfect your Google business page. Hone it, tweak it, and make sure it has everything you want your customers to see on it.  You never know where your next customer will come from!

Positive Reviews on Google Business:

Mirasol Realtor Todd Blair: “My customers use Google like a phone book. They don’t mess around with all the search results, they go for the top and if I’m there with a great, well-polished layout, I get the call” 

Westbrook REI Peter Westbrook: “When working in 3 cities, this helps narrow me down and gets the right customers to my door.”

Panama City Beach Condos for Sale AD Whitehurst: “There is too much competition in my world so I need every avenue possible to bring in the buyers and renters. This is just another resource for leads that we have to be using.”

Sunset Beach NC Realtors Frank and Karen Baker: “We are just building our Google reviews but reviews from here, Facebook, Zillow, and other places are our lifeline! We need those reviews to create legitimacy in our business.”

San Ramon Realtor Dale Corpus: “What I love is that it pulls reviews from other places! All my Facebook and Zillow reviews are also listed right there on my business page snippet and I love it!”

Brickell Realtor Kenny Raymond: “I’m intrigued by the question and answer part. I love it when someone asks me a question and I can quickly jump in and answer. It shows promptness and attentiveness even if they are not my customer… yet!”

Orlando Buyers Brokers: “We use everything online as often and as much as possible to get a lead. Because we are a niche market, we must hone in our words, key phrases and reviews to be exactly what people want to find.”

Palm Desert Realtor Tina Saparito: “We are just getting into this but it’s all part of our bigger plan to take over the Internet! Just kidding, we just want to be everywhere for our main key phrases and Google Business is just one more notch on that rung.”

New York Family Photographer Jane Goodrich: “My reviews are my lifeline and when a potential customer can see those reviews in one click it makes them want to know more. I  thrive on the image so images HAVE to be top of the list. I love how my business page keeps revolving these images to keep the listing as fresh as a baby’s bottom! HA!”

Minot Commercial Realtors Kristen Boen: “In our commercial world, people don’t just find a random Realtor. They need experience and proof of successful commercial real estate transactions. This is where our page really comes in handy.”