I like many others hated this upgrade and I couldn’t find any posts or walkthroughs on how to downgrade FitXR back to BoxVR.  The main reason for my disdain on FitXR is that they took away items that where great, such as, multiplayer and they decided to move from accuracy to power in tracking which in my mind was the worst decision on a boxing game.  Making use injure themselves for a streak is never a good idea.  My sister and I played almost every day, which again was taken away, now when you play online you are playing against bots not real people.   Also the tracking seems to be off now most of the time, it is demoralizing to see all of the orbs pass through you for no reason in the middle of the work out.

So if you want to go from FitXR back to BoxVR here is how you do it:

  • Uninstall FitXR
  • Go to Oculus Quest Store & search FitXR
  • Scroll to the ‘Additional Details’ section & find Version displayed
  • Click on the version number and then the drop down arrow next to ‘Channel’
  • Select Legacy BoxVR Channel from the list
  • Install FitXR from the Quest Library


I don’t know how long this will be an option but a least it is better than the current version of the game.

Note. the game icon will stay FitXr but once you load the game it will go back to Box VR.