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IDX Search Specific Pages – Homes in Neighborhoods and Specific Styles

 Why have a website? You have a blog to inform people about who you are, local information and blog reports but why have a website? Most of the time websites are to provide property search features, local listings, and details on specific homes. Unless you are featuring one particular home, most blogs can't do everything an IDX suited website can as far as all the listings for an area.

Depending on your area and region you may have many communities or subdivisions and each may have certain specs on homes, styles, lots or demographics. An ideal way to help all your buyers find exactly what they want is to use specific IDX searches for different areas or styles. Check with your IDX provider to see if you can create custom searches for the following examples:

  • Style of home – row houses, ranch, bungalow, 2 story, 3 story, tri-level, split entry, basements, attic space, etc…
  • Lot Styles – 1 acre, out buildings, multi-acreage, farm, ranch, duplex, townhome, multi-family, etc…
  • Neighborhood Location – cul-de-sac homes, corner lots, quiet streets, etc…
  • Communities – School districts, subdivisions, near major industries like hospitals, colleges, schools, golf homes etc..
  • Price Ranges – Homes from $200K – $400K, etc…

All of these can create not only more pages for your website but great custom searches for your clients. When they need to know what homes are for sale in X school district they can check out your website full of great information. It also helps to have that school's contact information available for your clients on the search page if possible. You not only are building a great website but a rapport with your clients and the GO-TO spot for all the town or community information.

Google, of course, loves this idea as you are continually building a niche for your website in your area. More pages about your area = better authority for ranking.

So next time you want to just give your clients a search feature, consider all the other benefits you could be offering and remember to ALWAYS offer a contact form or information so they are sure to get a hold of YOU to view that home.

Here are some great examples: