How to Blog for Real Estate

If you are real estate professional you may have heard the term blogging, looked it up or even read blogs yourself but may have been unsure as to how to start a real estate blog.How to Blog for Real Estate

You may think who would want to read anything about real estate but you might be surprised as to what type of localize post you could be writing. Because real estate is such a local industry there are literally hundreds if not thousands of topics that you could cover on your basic community that would be different than everybody else’s. If you live in a small community you may corner the market on blogging especially if no one else in the industry is blogging in your area.

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The first types of blogs or categories you want to focus on our neighborhood and communities. If you’re small town or even a larger town has neighborhoods that are broken up in the subdivisions and neighborhoods that are popular throughout the community you might consider writing a blog titled specifically with that neighborhood in mind. To get even more specific you might consider writing about particular styles of homes within that neighborhood such as four bedrooms or waterfront homes, etc.

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You can also get specific with certain buyer, seller, or investor type of real estate blogs that are geared toward one party or the other. There is a plethora of information that you could supply to a buyer or seller and all you simply do is localize it to your community, city, town or state.

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Some of the major things you want to do when real estate blogging is the title your blog with the city and state that you’re focusing on and mention something that someone would actually want to search for. Google is focusing on localized searches so your blogs are more likely to come up for people that are searching in your area.

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