I got an email the other day from a pipeline client – you know one of those potential – might-be, could-be type of client? He is debating on a WordPress site. He gave me a few examples of websites that he likes plus those that were so confusing he couldn’t understand how anyone could know where to begin. It got me thinking about that. If at first glance a REAL ESTATE AGENT doesn’t know where to begin, how can we expect actual buyers and sellers to know what to do when they reach our website.

Andrew Hanelly wrote an intriguing article of the future of websites and it got me researching and thinking about how our websites affect the viewer. Are we bombarding people with so much information they can’t retain any of it?

What do people want when they come to a website? Well, look at Google. Why does it work? It’s SIMPLE. You search, that’s it!

“So are you saying that people should only have a property search feature?”

Not necessarily…. BUT MAYBE….


It also depends on how the site is laid out.


  • Is there one large element that draws your eye to it that centers everything and brings it back under a sort of “umbrella” ?
  • Is there page divisions that help the reader to know how far to read, when to continue or when to stop?
  • Are you training your reader to look in the same spot every time or bounce around? Consider the way grocery stores switch things up to keep you guessing and searching. Do you like that? Hate that? What will your readers want?
  • Blocks of color and shapes can make the reader mentally compartmentalize the subjects easier and comprehend more.
  • Are you connected to every thing else you do online? Do you have EASY, convenient links to facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, or Blogs. Not scattered throughout the page but cleanly organized for easy navigation.

I will tell you though, the sites this potential client asked about were folks on ActiveRain. While I won’t name names here, you might take a quick look at your site and see how easy it is to read. Ask a friend or someone that has never seen the site before take a peek. Let them be honest. If they are confused and distracted and want to leave to find something easier, it maybe time to rethink your design.

Resources: http://biz.leoraw.com/2010/05/5-busy-websites-do-these-sites-work-for-you/

Example Websites:

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