How much of my website should be about what I do?

Real estate bloggers might feel a little bit of writer’s block when they’ve written about every neighborhood or subdivision their community. But this is when you need to branch out and talk about other events and local information. Festivals, venues, and local events always take priority, especially holiday festivals, on the search engines. While you don’t want your entire website to be about festivals and activities, because that’s not what the majority of your content is about, it is a good idea to spread out your topics and talk about local information and geographical events. The search engines will find a greater benefit all around to your website and classify it as higher authority when there’s more information about your neighborhood than simply real estate. Big Event Tent Sign

Jay Lieberman is a real estate agent in Agoura Hills California and while his website mainly talks about real estate, his blog discusses all aspects of Agoura Hills and the surrounding neighborhoods. This weekend, Saturday, April 20, Agoura Hills residents as well as those from Westlake Village and Oak Park are participating in the Scandinavian Festival located at 60 West Olsen Rd. in Thousand Oaks California, just minutes from downtown Agoura Hills. This event brings in thousands of native Californians and transplants from Scandinavia to enjoy children’s activities, Nordic culture events, fun food, and Scandinavian music from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. This is a great event to discuss on his website or his blog.

Steven Walsh spends his time discussing fringe benefits and prevailing wage consulting for contractors and business people but he also takes the time to discuss fun events, seminars, webinars, and activities going on across the country. Because his business is more nationwide rather than localized, he can focus on national news, reports, and cover a wide variety of events and activities outside the basics of his business.

What to write about on your websiteChad Lauletta is an expert at landscaping and trees services around Delaware County Pennsylvania. This covers the areas of have or town, Springfield, Drexel Hill, and Ridley and does an excellent job is not only discussing local gardening tips but wants to expand his blog with local events, and festivals, specifically focused around gardening.

Don Reinhard has been an expert at real estate and now focuses on pool cleaning and servicing in the Havasu City Arizona area. While he can specialize in different blogs about pool cleaning and maintenance you can’t throw in a blogger to about local events and activities, especially things that have to do with water.

As long as about 75% of your blogs and your website discusses exactly what you do and your services, the other 25 to 30% can be local information. If it’s too far off the beaten path you would want to many of those. If you feel the need to put in a news report or story that’s just not relevant to your website I would do so with caution. As long as search engines can easily identify the main services and objective of your website you can hold onto that authority and still offer a variety of topics and articles that can be easily found on the search engines.