Tips to Marketing, Listing and Selling Your Home on the Internet

We do a lot of different kinds of marketing and many times is just optimizing an existing real estate website while other times it’s creating full websites for real estate agents, brokerages, or even an individual listing. Sellers want to know that their listings and their properties are marketed all across the board not just on the local MLS websites. While any real estate agent can post their website in the MLS which is then spread out to every IDX property search provider in the area, really good listing agents can market individual listings on separate URLs and domains, create specific pages on their website for them, market them on social media, or do a blog post about the listing.Tips to Marketing, Listing and Selling Your Home on the Internet

Regardless of whether or not social media works for listings, sellers want to know that there listing is everywhere, and this includes social media. Google doesn’t index individual posts on Facebook but it does find them on Google plus and occasionally on Twitter. Pinterest is another very popular way to market individual listings by taking the most attractive photo and pinning it to a board on real estate listings or for a particular neighborhood or area.

Joe Hayden, a real estate expert in Louisville Kentucky, discusses the importance of using a real estate agent to market and advertise your listings across all boards and using all necessary tools available. While any agent can simply post the listing on the local MLS, a great agent will do everything they can to market and promote that listing to not only everyone online but to existing buyer’s agents, previous buyers, current buyers, and other real estate professionals.

An example of doing a real estate listing into one website would be of this Camino Island property for sale. This is an individual website design just to be a landing page for this particular listing. Finding pictures with the best curb appeal, landscaping, and first impressions are crucial to get buyers and interested parties to click through for more information.

If you choose not to go with a real estate agent you certainly can market your own property online but you may not have all of the tools necessary or know all of the professional terms necessary to complete the transaction or even to get it online in the first place. If you are Internet savvy you can obtain a domain through Go Daddy or any of the domain hosted companies, by a one-page landing site for the listing, and promoted on your own social media. While this is not impossible, it can be tedious, time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Marketing a property online correctly takes time, money, effort, and know-how. Using the right agent to do it for you take the burden off your shoulders. If you’re a real estate agent or a property owner looking to market your own property or you have listings that you would like to promote socially, contact us anytime for details and pricing on selling your home on the Internet.