How to Have the Same Content on your Blog as your Website

Unless your website and your blog are one and the same, many times people have and off-site blog or subscribe to a blogging platform. While this is important as the blogging platform may have the higher authority and get your blog indexed quicker, if you want to copy and syndicate the blog post over on your website there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.Same Content on your Blog as your Website

If you want the same information on and off-site blog as on your website that can be tricky but it’s not impossible. The ideal way to do this is to post first on your main website so that your website has the authority and carries the higher value. Once your website has been indexed or you can find the blog post or article on the search engines, then copy and paste (syndicate) that post over to your blog. The vital and crucial part to this step is posting were crediting where the content originated. Somewhere within the new syndicated post or article there needs to be a link back to your website where you originally published the content. It can be an anchor text link or a naked link of the actual URL but somewhere there has to be a link to the source of where the content originally came from.

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If you don’t put this link in the content Google will think you have scrapes this content illegally and plagiarized it without giving proper credit to where it originated.

The Internet is full of duplicate content in the form of news briefs and syndicated articles but the reason that they work is that the original author, whether it’s you or someone else, is always credited.

Peggy Wester and Beth Atalay both have WordPress websites that they blog for on a regular basis, but they also blog off-site on ActiveRain. While they benefit from the instant indexing on ActiveRain, they may want some of their blog posts to syndicate over on their website. My suggestion is that this is done minimally with only the articles you truly want in your website and properly link back to the source for optimal as SEO results.

Other websites can have a blog off of their main website but still offer the same information just in different formats. 100% Australian offers a blog at 100% with reviews and link backs to their main site but still maintains all the major content on the main site. Advantage Legal Group has a WordPress blog where they blog about Bellevue bankruptcy but still maintain a main website for contact and basic services.

Choose your content carefully and try to keep them separate so you can be found for more information in more places.