Are you getting emotional with your readers?

Blogging and articles are getting harder and harder to evoke emotions out of people but that’s exactly what we need to accomplish if we are going to get the results we want from our readers. Because Google is looking for more and more ways that people are interacting with the site, how long their staying on the site, and how many click through’s to other pages there are, we have to somehow create an emotional affect with our pages and our blog posts.

We need to evoke an emotional response not only in the content itself but specifically in the blog title, the heading and subheading, and how others are finding our sites through social media and sharing platforms. While this is just one piece of the pie, it is one of the more important ones because not only do we need to catch people’s attention and draw them and we need to keep them there and encourage them to share the information with others.

It’s a two-edged sword between finding a blog title that will be searched for and one that’s catchy enough to draw people in. You can have a very industrial and clinical looking title such as “how to write a blog” that people may be searching for but it really doesn’t draw people in. There’s no catchy title that someone is likely to click on in less they really just need to know how to write a blog post. You must give them some sense of urgency in that title or in how you share that information. While the title tag might be “how to write a blog post”, the way that you share that information on your social media platforms will require a more catchy title such as “don’t make these vital mistakes when blogging”. You’re giving an emotional response to someone in that they must read more because they don’t want to make these mistakes. There’s a sense of urgency and fear that if I’m making these mistakes I may not be doing it correctly.

When writing your blog and titling it appropriately you need to think of the emotion you’re trying to evoke. This doesn’t have to be that dramatic, it just has to evoke some sort of emotion the people need to know more; curiosity, intrigue, fear of not knowing.

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Here are some great suggestions to think about when you’re titling your blog and creating some intrigue:

Have a problem, offer a solution. How to’s; What to do; Why; these all answer some problem that somebody may be looking for.

Lists; people like lists because they feel it’s a quick look into the answers that they need; top 10 reasons to buy a house, five things every buyer should be doing, three things you need to know right now, etc..

Be controversial; when people really oppose or really agree with something they feel compelled to comment about it or read more about it. If you want to be shocking, you might give some outlandish title and then talk about your opinions and reasoning behind it. You’re probably more apt to get comments as well but this is a fine line because you need to make sure what you’re putting out into the Internet world is something you really want out there.

Money and time savers; people are always looking for ways to save money, save time, and do things better and faster. If you are providing something that accomplishes this you’re evoking an emotion that you know something that they don’t know.

To get more people to read and click through from social media, search engines and blog rolls, you must offer something that they have to know, must read and need to see.  Are you evoking the right emotional response from your readers?