The Panda 4.0 is a major update versus just a refreshing of the current algorithm. Pandas identify sites that have low quality content such as thin or duplicate content. Currently tracking down low quality sites and knocking them down a few pages and boosting high quality content up the search engine ranks. This could be determined by word count and share-ability.Google's Panda 4.0 Update Targets More Low Quality Content

Google cares about user experience overall so if you are providing your user or your reader with an excellent experience with high quality content with a actually are learning something, find it interesting enough to share, link to it, and trusted wholeheartedly, more often than not you’ve algorithm-proof your blog or your website.

So what does this mean for people that are blogging for business? Don’t set up a separate blog just to provide link backs to your main website. It’s okay to have a separate blog as long as your blogging about real information, quality content, and that content is being shared and talked about outside of your own circle of influence. If you have a lone website out there that simply is designed to link back to your website, more often than not Google will see that no one is going to that blog website, sharing the content or linking to it alone so that blog website is considered low quality and therefore all those links will get discounted anyway. Because it’s linking to a main site, the main site may also be penalized as low quality.

The best way to algorithm-proof your website is to simply not blog for quantity but for quality. Make sure that all of your content is real content that will provide information to your readers. It’s also best to mix up your content word count. This means may be one article will have 400 words while the next will have 1200 words. You want to split up that immense content with infographics, pictures,  videos and more information to complete the overall user experience that Google is looking for.

Google's Panda 4.0 Update Targets More Low Quality ContentBut this is a hard algorithm shift; site such as and even eBay lost 80% or more of their search result traffic because of this hit. Those are big sites to a gone down because of it. Some people may have seen an increase in their website and some may have seen a drop. As a manager of dozens of sites I really saw a balance of both depending on where the site was coming from the beginning.

Again, the best way to algorithm-proof your site is to simply add content when it’s relevant, accurate, and informative then share that content across numerous avenues multiple times in order to reach your targeted market. Blogging for business can be very rewarding just make sure that your blogs are not duplicate content, thin content or spammy.