What is Organic SEO? It’s your site naturally rising to the top of the search engines without paying for that coveted sponsored spot at the very top or side bar on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Those spots are considered Pay Per Clickmeaning you pay every time someone clicks on your link found at the top. Some of those spots for certain keywords and phrases can literally cost hundreds per click, and some are only a few cents per click.Organic SEO, Pay per click

So how does that stop someone from clicking numerous times on your link? It doesn’t but most of the time businesses have a cap on how much they will spend and when that cap is reached, the next PPC sponsor is shoved into that space. Does it work? Yes, but not nearly as good as Organic SEO.

Why is this? Well, 75% of Americans use search engines on a regular basis. That’s a huge chunk of targeted traffic that should never be ignored. The general public is getting smarter on who pays for what and that the search engines are really trying to get them the best choice for their search. Very few are actually clicking on those PPC sponsors anymore.

We have never done PPC but do refer those out that want to give it a try. We don’t manage it and haven’t since we started this business. It was a lot better and of course, a faster way to go to begin with but now, those with real content and relevant information are shooting to the top just as quickly if optimized correctly. How do you increase your Organic SEO?

Your page, blog, website or article must have an title that people are searching for. You can’t just title your blog ” Golf Properties” because it’s way to broad and there are about 10 million other bloggers that are using it as well. Getting more specific such as “Golf Properties in Wenatchee” is starting to narrow the field down but to really get your target audience to see your blog, a better title would be “Search Golf Properties in Wenatchee Washington” – the search narrows it down to those actually looking for properties. Another title may be “Homes for sale on a golf course in Alamogordo“. You can pretty much bet that searcher is really looking for that content specifically.

Once you have the reader clicking on your blogmake sure you lead them to other blogs or pages you have written. Maybe they get there and realize, well, maybe I want a home near a school instead? So on the menu, or in the signature you have titled “Search Sedona homes by School District”  and this leads them from there to another post or page on your site.

Remove any broken links on your website or blog. There are dozens of broken link checkers out therehttp://www.brokenlinkcheck.com/ may be a good place to start unless you have a plug in on your WordPress site that does this automatically. Remove them or correct them so your site remains clear and clean of any mistakes.

Capitalize on your existing rankings: take a look at the top 100 keywords sending traffic to your blog for the search engines, look for the new long tail keywords sending traffic to your blog, check your rankings for those keywords and try to get ranked #1 for keywords you are not ranking for already. This tactic is way too simple, very effective, but so underused. – Source  Blogging Tips (because they said it better than I could)

Know where your links are going and coming from. In the URL address bar type “site:yourwebsite.com keyword” and replace “yourwebsite.com” with your website URL, and “keyword” with the keyword you want any of your articles to rank for. This will return a list of articles that you can easily update with internal links back to the new page you just wrote for instant Google juice!

Use these simple tips to get organically to the top of most search engines. With a little tweaking here and there you can create a well optimized site, organically.

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