Get Your Site Ranked

Here’s one of those blogs that tell you exactly how to market yourself online and get more traffic. Does it take time? You bet. Is it worth it? YES
Once you have your site optimized and where it should be- These are the steps you should be doing in order to increase traffic to your perfectly optimized website.
  • Make sure every single post you create links back to your website or put it on your website first and syndicated on ActiveRain or other blogging platforms with a link back to where it was originally posted.
  • Broadcast that post, or article on Google plus as well as twitter, Facebook, and any other social media you might have. If you post on Facebook make sure you put in a picture that will draw people’s attention because people are more likely to click on or respond to a picture than just a link.
  • Make sure your real estate website link is on your ActiveRain profile page.
  • Create an article on or with a link back to your website in the signature box. This can be any type of buyer, seller, or investment information as long as you are not personally promoting yourself in the contact; only do that in the signature or author box
  • Create a press release. You can do this on a variety of free press release sites but remember, this is not just an information article like you did previously. This has to be newsworthy. Something about your business or your area that people are searching for. In the author box you can also put a link back to your website. Search online for free press release websites.
  • Find blogs that you can comment on such as WordPress sites. If need be, do an blog post asking specifically for people’s WordPress blogs that you can leave a comment on. In doing so make sure you add your website to the comment so that you can gain a back link. You are welcome to do that on my website at any time
  • Submit your website to This is a highly authoritative website directory and it’s hard to get included in this. But if you go and submit your URL to your exact category, meaning go to real estate, North America, agencies, United States, state and city, and then follow the steps exactly the way they want you to submit your website you should be included.

Do Not’s

Do not buy back links. Do not submit your site to search engines if you’re already showing up. Do not enlist any black hat techniques meaning if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
Do one of these steps every couple days for the next couple weeks and see where you rank.
It’s all trial and error and seeing what works and what doesn’t. If you don’t have the time – Call me! This is what I do on a daily basis. We provide this entire set up so you can have more time to do what you do best.