SEO is simply optimizing your blog or article for search engines to easily find it and index it. If you write something, no matter how good it is, if no one finds it, sees it or reads it, it does you no good, other than you may have had a chance to brush up on your typing skills. You must write for your target audience and write something that people can find and get to. If you write something really good, you will want to promote it and others will want to share it.

So how do you SEO your Blog posts?

First start by writing whatever you want to write about. Just write about it and optimize it later. Get all your thoughts, ideas and tips out there first. Once you have the post down, now it’s time to go back and optimize the post.

If you wrote about finding a home in Northern Alabama and you have discussed some of the areas, the listings or the environment, now you need to title it appropriately. Do a search for “homes in Northern Alabama”. If there is less than 500,000 results with that, you’re good. If there is more, you may want to narrow it down a bit. “homes and real estate in Northern Alabama” and so forth. Then check out the Google Keywood Tool to see if anyone is actually searching for that. These are the two keys to finding the right lead and reader. If no one searches for it, don’t bother.

Once you have the title down, make sure you have used that title and keyword or phrase a couple times throughout the content and bold those phrases so they stand out not only to readers but to search engines.

Then you want to get the post out into the world. Take the extra step to promote it on social media. Make sure you have tweeted the link, posted it on your facebook page, posted in linkedin, on Google+ and others. There are hundreds of sites you could use but these are the top ones. If you have beautiful pictures you will want to post that as well on photo sites like Flickr and Pinterest.

Change up the posts

If you are writing about where to live on Whidbey Island in Washington state you may want to cover various places when tweeting or posting. You don’t have to post the same thing everywhere. Get creative and yes, this is going to take extra time. But it’s well worth it. An example would be: “Fishing, clam digging and oyster shucking all on the same beach? Check out ….. on Whidbey Island” and make sure you post the link to the article.

If you don’t get any hits, check back and repost in a couple weeks. You may have better luck posting at different times or the day or different days.

Use your imagination, get creative and take the extra time to write well and post proficiently. It’s the best way to SEO your blog posts.