Keeping content fresh and unique on your website

One of the biggest pushes right now for organic search engine rankings is unique content. The days of mumbo-jumbo any content will do just to add more text to a website is long gone. Google realizes the difference between quality content and content just for the sake of content. People don’t want to read fluff they want to search the Internet for answers to their questions and valuable information. So, in an age where everything has been talked about a million times how can you create unique content?Keeping content unique and fresh

Real estate agents have a unique job in that each transaction is going to be different because each buyer and seller as well as all parties involved are going to be a different combination every time. This creates different dynamics, different challenging situations, and different outcomes. And while just about everything has been written about at some point or another, a particular situation or challenging transaction may be completely unique from your perspective. I find the questions and answers seem to be the most popular since people usually take to the Internet when they’re looking for an answer.

Real estate laws and taxes change all the time so people constantly want to stay up-to-date especially if they have a transaction that requires a lot change or a tax alteration. Dave Grbich, a San Juan Capistrano real estate agent in California keeps his buyers and sellers up-to-date with the latest information on selling a home in Orange County.

Maureen Fukumoto always has new ideas for her Oahu buyers plus she creates listing posts and goes into detail on all of her latest listings which not only benefit the post, but her website and her sellers as well. She also does neighborhood posts that discuss the pros and cons and benefits to living in one neighborhood or another. This is always from her perspective so it’s going to be different than, let’s say, another agent that writes about the same topic.

Wittney Estates is a real estate firm in Long Island New York that has many agents and many different avenues of real estate for a variety of buyers, sellers, and investors. Not only do they have all the latest Long Island real estate listings but they provide education and training for agents and brokers in their area.  Just like we said before, there’s always something new to discuss with changes in laws and mortgage refinancing programs so from their perspective they can always talk about something fresh and new that the public needs to know about.

Greater NW Realty has a unique job in that they provide real estate services for Seattle, credit repair and real estate clock hour classes. By combining all these, there is a plethora of information to write about daily!

Shirley Smith is one of our newest clients in Carlsbad California. She consistently changes information on her website so that it does not remain stagnant and outdated. Buyers, sellers, and investors always have something new to read when they reach her website. If nothing else, new market reports on what the Carlsbad real estate area is doing, is always fresh content because that’s always changing.

How do you keep the content unique and fresh? Don’t just write for the sake of writing; be aware of what your clients would want to know about and then write in your words from your perspective. Be real, be genuine, make sure your content reads properly, and Google and your readers will find you.