In short, Yes. Great, all done…. move along.

But Why, you might ask? Well, a WordPress or plug in update is more than just updating to the latest and greatest. Just like Google coming out with a new algorithm or schematic to defeat black-hatters, WordPress and their plugins do the same to deter hackers and virus attempts. If you are one of those WordPress users that has 13 black numbers floating along the plugin tab and 4-5 yellow update bars across the top, it’s time to get on board the update train.

The problem why many don’t? Because it’s how they set up their code or their programming that could completely mess with the system and break the entire framework. How do you know? You’ve let a programming geek install some tricky and tedious theme or code on your site.

WordPress doesn’t have to be complicated to work. We don’t install themes that break with every update, code or pages that must never be deleted or programming that is so sensitive that the slightest upset from the end user will send it spiraling into oblivion. WordPress should be easy! That’s why we recommend it! It’s one of the easiest platforms out there AS LONG AS YOU DON’T MESS TOO MUCH WITH IT.

Get a frame work, like Genesis, RocketTheme, or and go with the flow. Update when prompted. You will save yourself viruses, scams, hacks and looters as well as arm yourself with the most up to date software available. And don’t forget; it’s till all FREE!

Have fun and keep those updates a’coming!