SEO changes all the time and Google is constantly making updates and new strategies on how they rank sites. The last big shift was towards branding and Google has been promoting those websites that have significant branding which is why sites like Trulia and Zillow (which as a name have nothing to do with real estate) are dominating the top of the search engines. So how can we compete as individual real estate agents in our area?The Basics of Today's SEO

Today’s basics of SEO come down to informative and unique content and then sharing that content. Simply writing or regurgitating a news article or submitting something someone else’s already written about is not on Google’s top priority list. They want unique information, opinions, thought provoking responses and perspectives as well as unique news articles and reports. We can always write something in our own words with our own perspective and spin on it but then it has to be good enough that someone would want to comment, share, or make their own response to as well.

Herein lies the challenge. We’re faced with billions of pages of content already out there on the web; how can we possibly get our information ahead of the rest?

We probably all know something that maybe no one else does. We have to find that information and expand on it and then offer our readers (clients, customers) the teaser it takes to get them to our website or blog and eventually contact us personally.

We’ve all seen the news where the anchor person says “is what you’re eating right now killing you? Find out at 11”… That’s certainly gives us the urgency to watch the news at 11. We have to do the same with our content.

Not only do we have to write content that is exciting, informative, well laid out with images, headings, and the keyword or phrase were going for but we also have to promote it where the majority of our target audience will find it.

Where to share:

Are you a home stager? Pin your before and after’s on Pinterest. Are you an inspector? Connect with the local Facebook groups and Google community pages sharing valuable inspection tips and homeowner responsibilities. Are you a real estate agent ? Find a local community on Google plus where you can share local resources, tips, neighborhood and community information.

Nearly everyone can benefit from using twitter in some form or fashion. You can tag (@ or #)and connect with other real estate agents, inspectors or mortgage advisors then share tips, tricks, and new local information that may be valuable to your readers.

It’s hard to be found in a bubble. Today’s SEO takes a combination of unique content, shareable content, and promoted content. A combination of all three will get more readers to your website and more leads in your pocket.

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