What’s the difference between the two?

SEO is a science and learning that science takes constant and consistent research and change. Because nothing is guaranteed in the search engine world and Google is constantly changing and upgrading their algorithm, doing one SEO tactic is not enough to get you ranked and for people to find you. It’s a combination of 100 small details and techniques all working together to create a well optimized website.SEO tactics for websites and off-site

This is also a combination of on-site and off-site SEO.

On-site SEO –

On-site SEO means optimizing the website as is. This is a combination of researching your keywords, writing good content that people will actually want to read, adding the right amount of keywords and internal links throughout each article or blog, optimizing pictures and video with the right ALT  and title tags, and overall making the website appealing to readers. If the website is cluttered, noisy, or people just don’t know where to look, your bounce rate is going to be very high and no one will stay long enough to learn anything from you. If the website is neatly laid out, the navigation is clean, and the content is relevant, people will want to stay and read or view and this will create leads.

Off-Site SEO –

Off-site SEO is all your techniques and optimization that happens away from the actual website itself but directs traffic, readers, and leads back to your website.  Off-site SEO is also a science combining dozens of techniques and tactics together creating buzz and appeal back to your website and ultimately you. Off-site SEO means writing a blog elsewhere or an article on an article submission site, a press release, guest blogging, or anywhere off of your website where you can include a link back to your website. There’s no point in writing off-site if you’re not linking back to your main website. People need a resource to find you and they might find your article but if there’s nothing that directs them back to your site and your business, it’s pointless.

Randy Bocook – one of our clients does a great job of on and off-site SEO with his website RandyBocook.com

Off-site SEO also means social networks. Posting your website link to Facebook, tweeting new blogs are pages on your website, adding photos to tumblr and linking back to your website, pinning photos, listings, places, and any picture you want on Pinterest as long as it comes from your website and links back to your website, posting new blogs and articles on LinkedIn, and of course keeping your titles fresh and revolving with a link back from Google plus. These are just a few of the more major social media’s out there but there are literally hundreds. And while that may take some time, you will be well rewarded with hundreds of back links and possible shares from a variety of sources. The idea of course, is to get other people to like, share, and re-tweet you. The more this happens and the more syndication your website gets the more important Google will consider it.

SEO is a combination of on-site and off-site tactics all working together to create a high authority website. This doesn’t have to take all day either; once the website is optimized on-site, then you can focus on writing new blogs and articles and optimizing them off-site through your various networks of social media.