Google is a tricky animal. Just when you think you got it figured out they change the game plan on you. Finding out what Google wants reminds me of that movie "What Women Want". You just never know… and like a woman, when you think you DO know, they change their minds.

Google wants realness. They don't want manipulators screwing with the system to find loopholes to the process. They don't want fake users or programs messing with the algorithm and to do this they need to constantly be on their toes about how to combat it. This keeps real users also fighting to stay on top of the changes.

Google wants to know that real people would genuinely want to come to your website and gain useful information. If the site is a gateway site or somehow trying to buck the system, Google will be quick to rank that site as spam.  If you are selling homes in Goldendale Washington, Google doesn't want a page that has Goldendale on it over and over with no real meat to the content. People will want to actually see these homes and know they can probably buy them. Make sure your titles and your content reflect what the page is actually there for.

Do you come across as a site that is an expert on your topic? If you are a Bozeman MT Realtor does your site reflect the fact that you know everything about Bozeman real estate? Are their search features, local information, buying and selling tips, home values and more? The site has to be an authority on the subject for Google to recognize it as such on the SERPs.

Is your information something others would share? If you write about local events in the Abilene Texas area is it valuable enough to have another person share that info? If that page gets shared several times Google recognizes it as content of value and will naturally rank the information higher on the SERPs.

What about trust? A well trusted site with good content and information can rank higher if you would honestly share your credit card with them or buy something from them. This shows Google that this site is important and credited enough to take my money. Are you presenting yourself as a trusted source for whatever it is you sell? Are you convincing your readers enough of what you do and who you are that they would trust you to sell them something directly from the internet? This may be difficult if you are selling real estate but you can offer the same valuable information even if you are not offering to sell anything online.

Are you a one-hit-wonder with your content? Is all the information on your website cookie cutter from your webhost and you have produced one amazing article and nothing else? This is where your readers get sucked in, but then die off when they realize there's nothing more to the package. If you want to be known for  Abilene TX Homes and real estate, every page on your website or blog should be about this or this area. Draw in your reader to go from one page to another to another. If you keep them on your website longer, Google will pick that up too and rank the site accordingly.

So what does Google want? Honest, informative and productive content on every page. Give the readers what they want, not just the search engines and you will reap a harvest of leads.

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