Google's +1 is the New "Like" Feature

Everyone knows how to "like" something on Facebook. It's that little click to say, I really don't have anything to say, I just like what you said. We use it for everything from pictures and comments to activity and links. It lets the author know we read it, watched it or just simply approved of it. We don't have to get our voice out there too much if we just want to acknowledge the information. Right now Facebook has the market on the "like" feature scattered throughout the web on every site that IS any site. "be the first of your friends to like this" – we see this everywhere and of course Google want's in too.

Well Google of course wants every piece of the pie that they can get and will never be left out in the cold while someone else passes them by. Bring on the new +1 Google Button. When browsing through Google you find something you like or approve of you can click this little button to publicly show you like it.

The goal is to gain more solid reviews and better business sites by adding up these +1's. If there is a lot of +1's the site or business must be pretty good. The more +1's a site gets the better of course. What you wanna bet that Google starts out with the most +1's ?? They already are a PR of 10. I suppose when you invent the thing you can really do whatever you want with it. Just how many icons and social buttons are we suppose to have now? There will be  page just for sharing and liking pretty soon! What happened to word of mouth? Oh right, we don't talk anymore… we just type.

Here's the kicker, you MUST have a Google profile before you can +1 it. Of course you have to have a Facebook profile to "like" anything also. You can choose to only have your friends or those you are connected with see your +1 or you can make it public. Either way, it's Google attempt at the "like" feature. Now of course we will all want a -1 feature button too just like we all want a "dislike" button and who knows, it may happen but for now this is currently in the works. Not every Google profile will have this tab just yet so don't freak out if you have a Google profile and it's not there. It's so new that the Google +1 may not even show up on your SERP (search engine results page) just yet. But you know it will be all the rage. Get ready to add yet another button next to those birds, lower case f's and orange rainbows… Google +1 is coming.