Don’t make these vital mistakes when optimizing your Website or Blog

1. Using your keywords too much and over-emphasizing. A bolded keyword once or twice in the content is plenty. If you have the topic and keyword or phrase in the title and description and them talk about it in the content, search engines AND readers will know what it’s about and stay to read.

2. Buying Links – If it seems to good to be true, it is. Don’t let those flashy ads that say “Get 5,000 backlinks for $19.95” fool you. It’s the closest way to the bottom.

3. Letting a page stand alone. If you are accepting guest blogs and articles but only throw them up on your site to add to page quantity it’s pointless unless you are connecting that page to other valuable pages on the site. Guest blogging is fine if you take the extra few minutes to do it properly so the reader actually likes the content and has an opportunity to contact you and click around your site for more.

4. Not updating your site – Ever! Google wants to see fresh, relavant content that is constantly being updated with what people want and need. If every time Google indexes your site they never find anything new, they won’t come back often and neither will readers!

5. Misleading tags, categories and keywords. Don’t try to fool the system by offering odd, strange or misappropriated keywords and tags. Google is getting smarter and they can figure out the content without you forcing it on them. Use the right tags for the content and researched keywords within the text.

6. Letting all your back links come from one source. If all your back links come from one place such as your off-site blog, facebook or twitter, you’re not allowing the system to work for you. You must vary your back links by obtaining high-quality back links from a variety of places to really get your site and your business out there.

7. Creating a site that can’t be indexed. I have come across so many sites that literally have their indexing TURNED OFF! This is a common and unknown problem that many site owners don’t even know. If you can’t find your site online, no one else will either including the search engines. Also, if your site is full of javascript (which Google can’t read well), Flashy .GIFS and only images with no optimization, Google won’t know what to do with your page and therefore leave.