How on-page SEO is changing and yet how much is staying the same

While SEO changes with the times, the hackers, and the black-hatters, some things do remain the same. Search engines are always trying to find the best ways to deliver the goods to the searcher. Real, Genuine, Actually what they were looking for, Etc..

We’ve been told that putting our keywords in the title, description, and of course, the content is crucial to good on-page SEO and while this still is the case search engines are looking for new ways to provide the results that searchers are really looking for. Are you catching readers with your content?

We talked about user experience and how you’ve got to keep people on your site with relative, informative content that not only gives them what they came there for in the first place but keeps them there through related content, posts, links, etc.

We’ve discussed how important using heading tags and using tags in images as well as keywords in the URL itself.

But now we need to move past just these basic elementary SEO tactics to deliver exactly what the searchers are looking for. That may be difficult in real estate because most people that search for real estate are simply searching for homes in a particular area. They’re not looking for a lot of content to read. What you need to do as a real estate content provider is offer them more than what they came there for by providing teaser links to related topics, urgency in titles, related posts the content of information they never knew they needed to know just by simply searching for homes in the area. This is how you can get more readers on your real estate website. They may come there for one thing which you must provide them i.e. property search, but then once they’re there you have to give them something more; something to keep them there and keep them reading throughout your pages.

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You also must stand out in the search results page (SERPS)

You can do this by making sure your image and your photo or profile picture is next to the search result title and description. Google is also ranking content by how many connections you have in your Google plus profile. If you have 300 people in your circles but nobody has you in their circles Google’s not going to consider your information that important.

You can also do this by making sure your title and description is catchy and informative. It has to be exactly what the content is about in an intriguing manner.

For Example:

Louisville Homes for Sale

Real Estate services for the Louisville KY property market

That’s pretty basic it’s probably exactly what’s on the page but it doesn’t catch your eye nor does it stand out.

Where’s the Best Place to Live in the Louisville KY Area?

I’m looking to move to Louisville and need to know where is the best place to live, neighborhoods, school districts and commute routes.

This catches my eye a little bit more and especially if there is a profile picture accompanying the search result. This may even be the third fourth or fifth search result down the list but because it catches my eye more with more information on what I’m looking for a more likely to click on the latter one.

The intentional with your titles and descriptions; make sure your permanent links are set in place so that the title is catchy and yet actually what’s on the page; use your keywords and trigger phrases in the description itself and make sure your image is on the Google results page. All these things will draw people’s eye to your pages and then once they’re there, keep them there by offering related posts and teaser links to other pages on your website.

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