If you’re wondering where to put your marketing resources in order to get the best amount of leads it really depends on your industry and what works best for you. However, spreading yourself too thin might result in not getting any leads. Even though you should be online you need to diverse the fly your marketing dollars effectively in the right avenues. You should be getting them from a variety of sources including organic, online search engine results, social media, possibly even pay per click, and email notifications or newsletters.

You have to find where your perfect customer would come from; do you talk to more customers on social media or through email? Social media can be great but it also depends on the industry you have as to what social media to choose. Pinterest is perfect for home stagers, decorators and remodelers that use images and rely on these photographs in order to gain more leads.

Just about any type of industry can be on Facebook as long as it’s used properly. It can be a great way to let potential customers know of discounts, upcoming events, or changes to your business.

Twitter can also be a great social media for just about any industry as it can be a quick way to update your potential customers and current customers.

Google plus is perfect for just about any industry but tends to work better for industrial or technology industries. However, as soon as you post anything on Google plus it will immediately be indexed so that your potential customers can find you quickly and your pages will get indexed at a faster rate. Google plus should be given for just about any industry and then decide if there is another social media outlet that would benefit from your business.

Social media is a great way to connect with clients on a one on one basis. They can ask you quick questions, get responses, and answers almost immediately, as long as you are proficient at answering those emails.

Email newsletters are also a great way to gain referrals and the leads. One of the trickiest things about this type of marketing is that most massmarketing emails will go into people’s junk mail or spam. It’s best to add in people’s email addresses separately and one at a time even though this is a painstaking task. It can prove to get better results over time.

Of course, the search engine results page is one of the top ways to organically gain leads however, it also has the highest bounce rate. That means people will go to the site and quickly click away if it’s not exactly what they are looking for. This is why you must title your pages appropriately for exactly what is on the page so that people can find what they’re looking for and not click away.

You can gain a variety of leads from many different sources but find what works and attack it with gusto.