Why does Google get so much traffic? Why is it the king of search engines? Why do people flock there for a simple search feature?










Lots and lots of WHITE SPACE.

People like the simplicity of a simple search. They don’t want 18,000 ads, news briefs and blah blah blogs to clutter their visual attention. They want the goods… pure and simple.

Do you want people to get to the point or clutter up their space so you don’t know where to look next? Readers want to be visually told where to go and what to do next. If you have a clear direction, lots of white space and a simple layout, people feel less stressed and aggravated when they visit and are more likely to come back.

If you get to a webpage and have no idea where to start or even where the article starts, you probably will click away. If you garner too many ads surrounding the “point” people are going to be distracted and veer their attention somewhere else.  Tell people what they came there to know and get to the point. Give them bullet points that helps layout the topic, bold the things you want them to scan and “get”, and give them visual creativity with images, video or movement.


Move on. Don’t fill the page with so much that your point is lost. Tell the reader what they came there for, give them something to do and how to contact you. PERIOD – DONE …. Just like this post.