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Why You Should Update Old Posts and Pages

Why You Should Update Old Posts and Pages

I’m going to assume that most of you are not the busiest during the holidays? Then again, maybe you are since there are more people that have time off and feel they have the time to look at homes etc… but if you’re like most agents and loan officers,...

Using Lead Capture

This video was created to help users with lead capture by adjusting settings in IDXBroker. [ylwm_vimeo height=”500″ width=”800″ portrait=”false” byline=”false”]76908252[/ylwm_vimeo]

Five (REAL) Keys to Buying a House

Five Keys to buying a house We’ve probably already heard all the keys, secrets, steps, and tips to buying a house, getting a mortgage on a house, what to look for etc. But do any of us actually put that into practice? Now days, buyers want the facts, they want them...

My Website Won’t Let Me Add New Pages

Content marketing is the way to go.. but not just words, good words, catching words and words that inform. If you’re not giving the reader something to learn or be interested in, you’re losing them and then no one finds value in your content including the...