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“I would highly recommend Personal SEO to anyone who markets online! I am not a very patient person and expect perfection from others and Personal SEO has delivered everything I’ve expected and then some.  Not only the price is very affordable with Personal SEO but their work is like none other I’ve worked with thus far.”

Beth Atalay

“Personal SEO understands my needs because they listen. Personal SEO is focused on their clients’ needs and wants and not on their own agenda. Personal SEO’s only agenda is to help people with their marketing and SEO. They love what they do (SEO Marketing) and it shows!”

Kathleen Daniels

How We Increased Traffic and Leads by 110% in 30 Days

The harsh truth about Real Estate SEO:

Real Estate Agents are prayed upon by internet marketing companies and website developers.

Web site providers push websites with duplicate content and major issues that prevent sites from ranking.

They say, “You need a website and ours will provide you with leads, you will show up on Google if you just purchase a site from us”

If only just having a website would guarantee you customer….

If you’re serious about getting leads and converting those leads into customers, you need a very systematic approach on how you create and promote your content.

Otherwise you’re using the “toy box approach” throwing a bunch of content into a box and expecting your visitors and Google to find what they are looking for.

We use a different technique that almost guarantees that you get high quality links and authority out of every piece of content added to your site.

Our current clients are using this strategy to boost organic traffic and increase leads:

So How Do We Do It?

Let’s be honest internet marketing is hard work