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Personal SEO Resources – these are suggested companies to work with.

Here is a list of companies that we have a relationship with and the service that they provide:

Website Marketing and Tools:

KeyCDNhttps://www.keycdn.com/?a=34839 – Content Delivery Network, this makes your site load faster on all devices, we may request that you use a CDN for better SEO ranking.

BrightLocalSign up today for a 14-day free trial

Elfsightshttps://elfsight.com?ref=c99ebc38-633d-4a15-ac31-7812d9fdb008 This is a great way to add more functionality to your site, If you are a Sierra Interactive, Real Geeks or any other all in one site customers and you want more functionality then this product is for you.

Website Hosting:

GreenGeeks – http://www.greengeeks.com/cgi-bin/affiliates/clickthru.cgi?id=slybug – Green energy hosting with great service and support.

MediaTemplehttp://mediatemple.net/#a_aid=5037a29b9a920 – cloud hosting great customer service same company that Adobe, NBC, Sony, Red Bull, CBS and many more use for their servers

Computer Tools:

Backblaze – http://www.backblaze.com/partner/af1308 – They provide online backup service for a low price their software backs up your data continually. Check out real testing reviews for Backblaze here https://www.softwarehow.com/backblaze-review/

Real Estate Tools and Services:

iHomeFinderhttp://ihomefinder.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=8&aff_id=1550 – This is currently the best Real Estate plugin for WordPress with the best SEO Results

IDXBrokerhttps://signup.idxbroker.com/d/personalseo – One of the best IDX services if you want customization providing an IDX solution in almost every market.  There only focus is the IDX solution so they can provide the best in customization and in quality.

Showcase IDX – This is the 2nd best wordpress plugin for SEO behind iHomefinder if you are a Florida real estate agent or an agent that needs to belong to more than one MLS board this is the best solution for you since they do not add extra cost for additional MLS boards