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Seeking out those long-tail keywords to rise about the real estate giants dominating the search engines.


Targeted Content

Real content from real writers to real people. Connecting the content on your site to what they want to read.


Proper Site Structure

Setting up your website correct from the beginning for Google and users to easily find.

Key Promotions

No website functions in a bubble. We get it out there with targeted social media and content sharing strategies.

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As a former real estate agent myself, I know the business, the transactions and can write intelligently about the process and all aspects of real estate.  – Tammy

Because I was the IT Director of a 400+ person real estate brokerage in the Seattle area for 10 years, I can navigate the behind the scenes details of real estate websites, IDX (Property Search) features and all the nuances a good real estate website should have.  – Tim

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When was the last time you searched for yourself on Google? If it's been a while, go ahead and give it a shot. We'll be here waiting... So, how did it go? Were you surprised by the results? Did you like what you saw? You've just taken a step that people take regularly...

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5 Ways Home Buying Has Changed in The Last 50 Years

5 Ways Home Buying Has Changed in The Last 50 Years

Over the last fifty years, the home-buying market has witnessed radical changes. Generally, the cost of homes has increased drastically while the income of the average buyer has not changed that much. For instance, in 1970s, the average price of a home was...

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What’s Working in Organic SEO and How Long Does it Take?

Organic SEO used to be a thing that changed about every 2-3 months in the early 2000s. Google was constantly working to weed out the fakers, line-skippers, and spammers and it's gotten pretty good at it too. Now that the kinks are pretty much ironed out, not much has...

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