Meet The Team

Tim Emineth

CEO / Owner

Tim was the IT Director for a 400+ Brokerage working on SEO in his spare time from 1998 – 2004. Opened Personal SEO in 2006 and is the main designer, programer, SEO and marketing expert behind Personal SEO.

Tammy Emineth


Tammy has been managing and operating Personal SEO since 2006 with online content, blogging, social media management, backlinks, and networking.  She helps design websites, migrate content and manage linking.

Sarah Pound

Sarah Pound

Admin/Writer/Data Entry/Citation Expert

Based out of California, Sarah is an expert blogger and data entry professional when she’s not enjoying the beach with her two girls and husband in sunny Southern California.

Joanna Merino


Joanna has been with Personal SEO for nearly 10 years as the top writer for the company. Based out of Spokane Valley, Joanna enjoys her kids,  husband and mission work full time.

Kristi Telschow

Kristi Telschow

Admin/Data Entry

Kristi has a background in nursing and is affluent in data entry and organization. She enjoys her two kids, husband, and Boxer Baxter – not necessarily in that order

Julie Arndt

Julie Arndt


Julie is an excellent asset to Personal SEO and one of our newest writers. She has a passion for writing and loves researching the most accurate information as well as handles healthcare accounts receivable. She lives in Missouri with her husband and daughter.

Bake Johnson

Blake Johnson


Blake graduated with a BA in Mass Communications from College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, Missouri. He has a background in radio and lives with his wife in North Dakota, working full time as an administrative assistant.

About Personal SEO

In 2004, Tammy was a real estate agent and Tim was the IT Director of a 400+ agent brokerage working in his spare time on SEO for the company. Getting the company website to #1 on Google was the easy part at the time. The research, keeping them #1 and gaining more individual agents came next.

Since 2006, Tim and Tammy have been solely running and maintaining Personal SEO, tailoring organic SEO plans for real estate as well as several other specialty businesses to gather more leads, increase traffic, and rise in search engines.

From social media to in-depth HTML for websites, Personal SEO takes your business to the next level. Whether you want full hands-on training and coaching, or a hands-off approach to your site, letting Personal SEO take the reins and run with it, it’s YOUR SEO – with a PERSONAL TOUCH. 

“Tammy did a great job helping me rewrite our website for SEO. I knew I needed help I just didn’t know what kind! She took the reins and got me on the right path. She spent the time to work with me on developing my key words and also got me on the path to blogging. We’ve seen the results already! Thank you, Tammy! “

Carrie Trotter

 “I had Personal SEO designed and market my website. I have been with them since 2005 and even with the Real Estate market’s downturn, I am still getting business from my site. I would say that having the site and the marketing that personal SEO has done, my business has increased 10% even with the market slow down.”

Ellen Bruya

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