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The following is actual Personal SEO reviews and testimonials from customers.

Personal SEO Review

“Endorsement for Tammy Emineth, Real Estate Marketing and Website SEO

I met Tammy Emineth through another ActiveRain member who suggested I contact Tammy for help with my real estate marketing and branding of my sites.

ActiveRain members are invited to “Endorse a Fellow ActiveRain Member.” It brings me great joy to endorse Tammy Emineth. 

Tammy understands my needs because she listens. She is focused on her clients’ needs and wants and not on her own agenda.  Tammy’s only agenda is to help people with their marketing and SEO. Tammy loves what she does (SEO Marketing) and it shows!

Tammy is reasonably priced as well.  Her model is not one to nickel and dime a client for every email, a simple question, or a simple fix to a site that only takes a minute.  Tammy understands customer service and loyalty.

Tammy first completed the marketing and branding for my:

  • Two WordPress Sites
  • Two Twitter Sites
  • Two FaceBook Pages
  • Cleaned up my ActiveRain Profile
  • Cleaned up my LinkedIn Profile
  • Installed Google Analytics on two WordPress Sites
  • Installed various plugins on my two Word Press Sites
  • Created custom social medial icons
  • Created and installed a WordPress signature block

I will never forgot the day I called Tammy to tell her why I had been absent for some time.  Tammy immediately asked if she could pray for me.  Of course I said; “YES, I will always accept prayers from anyone.”  Tammy said the most beautiful and heartfelt prayer for me. That day, Tammy became more than a real estate marketing and SEO person I hired; Tammy touched my life is such a personal way she became a friend.  

After not blogging for several months I reached out to Tammy again for help. I needed a marketing boost.  Tammy did a press release and wrote several articles that were designed with killer SEO. 

I honestly don’t know how Tammy does it. She is a loving wife to Tim and the mother of two adorable children.  Tammy and Tim are Missionaries with the Assemblies of God. Their love of God and Family reflects in who they are and what they do both professionally and personally. 

Tammy can most definitely be trusted.  Tammy has the keys to my Internet Kingdom (logins and passwords). She has a special place in my heart for the many ways she has helped me with my real estate business and for the love and the beauty she brings to this Planet.

If you connect with Tammy on Facebook you will see that she finds time to cook as well. She recently shared “Homemade dim sum dumplings… little pillows of happiness!” and her son, Xander’s baptism video. 

Tammy and Tim are on my wish list of people I want to meet in person! I highly recommend Tammy Emineth.

Check out Tammy’s Facebook Page

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You can reach Tammy Emineth at 425-344-0677″

  – by Kathleen Daniels

“Need Help with Real Estate Marketing and SEO? Meet Tammy Emineth

I was in desperate need of someone who could help me setting up my WP Site, new company logo, someone who not only could help me with setting up a professional site filled with good SEO but also an individual who had great knowledge of world of Real Estate, a real person that I could talk to when I had the need.
I started reading Tammy’s posts on ActiveRain and was very impressed with each post and how willing she was to help others. I then reached out to Tammy and when I found out all the services she offers at a great price, I started working with Tammy and her wonderful husband Tim in 2012 and couldn’t be happier.

I’ve worked with others before and spend thousands of dollars for minimal results and always felt like I was just someone who paid them on a monthly basis. My needs were not important as long as I kept paying. Not only the price is very affordable with PersonalSeobut their work is like none other I’ve worked with thus far.
Tammy Emineth is someone I could call on anytime and she’ll be there to help as if I’m the only client she has. Sometimes I wonder if she ever sleeps!

Aside from Marketing for Real Estate Professionals, setting up sites, writing blogs, Tammy is a mother of two and we all know how demanding that is. Tammy and her husband Tim also volunteer in the missions field.

I would highly recommend Tammy Emineth to anyone who markets online! I am not a very patient person and expect perfection from others and Tammy has delivered everything I’ve expected and then some. I would encourage you to read her posts, pick her brain and learn from her as much as you can. If you wish you want your business to grow, reach out to Tammy Emineth!!”

Beth Atalay – Realtor in Orlando Florida – Posted here: http://actvra.in/Qqn

“Tammy did a great job helping me rewrite our website for SEO. I knew I needed help I just didn’t know what kind! She took the reins and got me on the right path. She spent the time to work with me on developing my key words and also got me on the path to blogging. We’ve seen the results already! Thank you, Tammy! “

-Carrie Trotter, National Property Inspections

“Tammy – wow! You knocked this outta the park for me! Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. I posted to my FB page too so someone might see it there and ask for your services  I could not be more pleased with the AR blog signature! Looks fantastic!! Thank YOU!!!”

Hunter Ray 

 “Just a short note to say THANK YOU for a GREAT job on my website and Activerain blog. You made everything come together and look professional. I would recommend your services to anyone!”

Don Horne

 “I had Tammy Emineth and her husband Tim, Personal SEO, build my site and help me with AR. They are great. I would suggest them to anyone- in case you are looking. “

Tommy Taylor – Kerrville Real Estate

Tim: this is the “best” my web site has ever been and I have had the site for quite a few years. You have done a great job and put alot of effort into this.”

Nancy Oaks – Broker Bozeman Realtor

“I am happy to report that I know of the value of Tim Emineth who is a phenomenal talent who I got to know at Preview Properties. Tim took this 400 person company who had little or know website presence, to the top of the charts in Google, Yahoo, and all the top 5 search engines.

I was so impressed with his work, and his knowledge, skills, and abilities, that I asked if he could optimize my websites as well. Tim’s popularity quickly grew as he not only was a person of total honest and integrity, (unlike a lot of SEO companies I have encountered who make false claims), he worked very hard at understanding the search engine environment, to such a degree that he was ahead of the industry most of the time and maintained a consistent first page presence for his clients to this day. Tim is results oriented, affordable, and I highly endorse any website company who cares about the success of their clients web site, to recommend they use Tim’s “Personal SEO” services. He’s #1 in my book and a best kept secret! “

Beryl Gosney: 

 “I had Personal SEO designed and market my website. I have been with them for 3 years and even with the Real Estate market’s down turn I am still getting business from my site. I would say that having the site and the marketing that personal SEO has done, my business has increased 10% even with the market slow down.”

Ellen Bruya: Snohomish Land and Real Estate

“WenatcheeRe.com is as you promised the top of every search I do.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  I refer everyone your way.”

Korey L Rosvold