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Personal SEO

Set Up a Consultation

Set up a time to speak with one of us personally discussing past issues, future plans, and how involved you’d like to be. Personal SEO® works alongside you and your business to be as hands-on or hands-off as you want. Need a completely new website? Maybe just a new design? New marketing? Fresh eyes? Personal SEO never tries to sell you something you don’t need and if something is working, why mess with it?
Personal SEO

Find a Budget and Plan that Works

Maybe you just need a professional, optimized article from time to time, maybe PPC management or social media inclusion, maybe you need to build high-quality backlinks to improve your own ranking or a full SEO audit to correct errors, disavow bad backlinks or improve PA and DA. Or maybe you need the whole shebang and don’t want to stress about touching your site at all. Personal SEO® can do it all.
Personal SEO

Follow Up

Personal SEO® offers quarterly newsletters on tips, tricks and changes to the algorithms and how to continue to rank in a Google-Run world. Online Coaching when requested and periodic website check-ups to keep your site in the green. We monitor Google Analytics and Search Console to generate content,  titles and answers to what your customers are really searching for. 

Why Choose Personal SEO® for Your Internet Marketing

There are a lot of marketing companies so why go with Personal SEO®?

  • Researching, Exploring, and Perfecting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Since 1999.
  • Continually staying on top of the latest algorithm shifts, updates, and changes.
  • Constantly ALGORITHM-PROOFING our clients so that whatever changes come along, you’re site stays up to date.
  • We pivot, alter and grow as Google, Bing, and other search engines grow all the while offering helpful content to readers, clients, and potential customers.
  • We DO NOT do PPC but have excellent companies we refer that market and do business the way we do – PERSONALLY! 
  • We do content marketing – on-site – personal – and we come alongside you and your business to become a part of your marketing team with unique strategies that work only for you and your industry. Not every business is the same – why should your SEO plan be the same as everyone else?

What we DON’T Do

Sometimes knowing what you don’t do is just as important as what you do.

We don’t do Pay Per Click. This is a paid/sponsored service. However, we do have an excellent company we recommend.

We don’t do virtual assistance. We don’t do marketing campaigns, newsletters or print.

We don’t manage and run campaigns on Facebook but we do post/ boost/ and market Facebook ads, posts and manage pages. We don’t post on IG or Tik Tok.

What You Get with Personal SEO®

Dedicated organic marketing team striving to drive leads to you and your business.

Monthly SEO reports with Google Analytics and specific software designed to provide you with data on who is coming to your website, how long they stay, where they go and what makes them click to sign up or buy.

Content marketing both on and off-site to build well-optimized pages with internal and external links offering helpful content to your readers and off-site content on high domain authority websites that increase your site’s DA adding value and importance to your website overall. All content is original, custom and written in-house!

Posting new content on your social media platforms and a variety of other social media and content-sharing sites.

We build and host WordPress websites.


“Personal SEO understands my needs because they listen. Personal SEO is focused on their clients’ needs and wants and not on their own agenda. Personal SEO’s only agenda is to help people with their marketing and SEO. They love what they do (SEO Marketing) and it shows!”

Kathleen Daniels

Real Estate Broker/Owner,

“I would highly recommend Personal SEO to anyone who markets online! I am not a very patient person and expect perfection from others and Personal SEO has delivered everything I’ve expected and then some. Not only the price is very affordable with Personal SEO but their work is like none other I’ve worked with thus far.”

Beth Atalay

Real Estate Broker/Owner,

“Personal SEO has created an absolutely beautiful site for my counseling/consulting business. But what is even more appreciated is that they have provided such fantastic customer service and support ongoing. I just wish I could give them more stars!”

Gina Handley Schmitt

MA, LMHC, Professor, Author

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Personal SEO®


Organic is just that, search engine marketing and optimization that comes organically rather than through paid advertisements. You know those first few results on Google that says “Sponsored”? That’s NOT organic. The business or company has PAID to be there and show up first. As soon as they stop paying, they go away. They pay per click that they receive. Some of those clicks can be a few pennies to hundreds of dollars per click depending on the company’s budget and popularity.

We do everything organically, meaning it takes a lot longer to get on the first page of Google depending on your business and industry but once you’re there, you stay there, especially if you continue to work on updating content and adding fresh information to the site.  That’s ORGANIC SEO.

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