Why We Do This

I love to help real estate professionals expand their business with blogs, directory submission, and networking with hundreds of other professionals all over the world with social media. With affordable monthly fees and reports stating where you rank and how many visitors are coming to your site each month, there is no limit to your involvement online.

Several years ago, while I being a real estate agent and my husband the R.E. Internet Tech director, we combined forces to help not only our personal site but our companies site gain rank in the search engines by doing some simple tricks and strategies that others weren’t doing at the time.

This quickly landed both sites at the top of all search engines for the area and we thought maybe we were onto something here. Even though we did it out of curiosity we started looking into companies that did this for a living. We realized this was beyond expensive for the average agent to afford. How was the typical agent with a website suppose to compete with companies spending thousands each month for the same area? It just wasn’t doable.

We started talking to agents in the office about this and all most knew was they should at least a website for clients to view. But they didn’t know how to get viewed unless through direct traffic. We started seeing a possible opportunity here.

We asked some agents if they would be willing to pay a few bucks a month for a simple linking campaign. We got about 10 sites and they grew quickly just with this small added exposure. We wondered if there were more agents willing to pay more for much more service.


From here we have just exploded with personal connections, increasing our customer’s leads and traffic and building a great network of bloggers, business owners, and social media outlets.

Don’t worry – we have matured far beyond those old linking campaigns and outdated SEO practices. We have to keep up for our clients – and we do!